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When I left my successful career in the New York Fashion industry in 2015 and moved to Colorado, I decided never to go back to a corporate world and do two things I love:  Designing and Teaching.

Why Teaching?

1.Being a teacher is a noble profession that can have a significant impact on the lives of students.

2. I felt I had the necessary education, experience and qualifications to teach effectively. I used to teach my subordinates while managing product development. Also used to conduct teaching seminars when I travelled to factories overseas.

3. It helps my professional development: I continue to enhance my skills and knowledge. I always find better ways to do things while teaching.

4. As a former Geophysicist, I have good problem-solving abilities and communication skills. My math teacher in college once told us that mathematicians have good logic and communication skills.  This helps me to convey information clearly and engage my students in meaningful and productive discussions. I also love when they laugh at my jokes.

5. I have developed many positive relationships and friendships with my students. Building a supportive and collaborative network greatly helps my fashion business. I found some great sewers, assistants and even Ketivani clients.  

While teaching in-person classes at Design; Product Development; Patternmaking and Technical Design, I started a separate Instagram page: Keti Teacher for my students, offering them some tips and tricks at sewing and fitting clothing. I had no intention to become an influencer, nor benefit any way, except of helping my students or people who were interested in my field.  My authenticity and genuine passion for my craft resonated with my audience and some of the videos became viral.  I have 139K organic, real people following my account as of now, commenting and sharing my posts.  Some of their feedback truly touches my heart and wants me to do more. 

This opened the whole new opportunities. I have been offered products and partnerships with brands... I am trying to navigate the whole new territory of being an influencer.  I feel proud of becoming one, not from taking selfies at the fitting rooms, but actually helping and empowering people all over the world.   

Can’t wait to see what this path will bring. Who knew? 

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans” – John Lennon.

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