Exciting News!

I always had a passion for creating highly tailored garments, especially suits and that was the reason I studied pattern making at FIT. I was always creative, but I felt that I needed to become an expert at implementing my ideas by making my patterns and sew my samples. I collected designs of jackets over the years as seen on the enclosed picture of my sketches from the '90s.
I’ve worked hard to make certain my brand, Ketivani, reflects this passion by designing and constructing a range of upscale jackets and suits.
Recently, based on a referral from the fellow designer, Mona Lucero, the Denver Art Museum contacted me to collaborate with their team in creating the fashion exhibition that is opening in October. I’m so excited to have this opportunity and look forward to having a new Ketivani suit as part of the exhibition! More details to follow.. I hope to see some of my loyal customers at the museum for the opening.
Sincerely yours, Keti

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