Custom Made and Make to Measure

Ketivani is a sustainable brand. We offer limited runs of ready-to-wear (RTW) and we are proud to provide consistent sizing to all its clients. The major downside of RTW is the overproduction of garments, thereby contributing to environmental and ecological damage. Also, ready-made clothes can’t guarantee perfect fitting. While you may appreciate the design and the fabric, you might not like the waist seam position, as it does not compliment your body type and personal preferences.

For those reasons, we also offer custom-made and made-to-order. However, the cost of custom clothing is a lot higher than for ready-to-wear because drafting a pattern for one garment takes the same time as drafting a pattern for 200 garments in one style. But for those, who care about how their clothes fit and complement their unique body type, investing in a custom dress, suit or jacket is worth it.

There is a difference between custom-made KetiVani and made-to-order KetiVani: 

For Custom made, a client meets the designer in person to discuss design, shape, fabric, and styling. The designer will take his or her measurements and will make a sample in a substitute fabric 1st. With custom-made perfect fit is 100% guaranteed and craftsmanship is couture level. 

Prices for made-to-order are less expensive than custom-made. The existing pattern will be tweaked and the style will be made to your specific measurements. Also, we can make the existing design in a different color, fabric or your required length. Even though fit and styling will be to your requirements, fit can’t be 100% guaranteed, since no in-person fitting will be conducted.

When placing the order for made-to-order Ketivani designs, please follow the following guideline in addition to providing accurate measurements.

1. Wear tight-fitting clothing or a bathing suit.
2. Have someone take your picture, or use a tripod.
3. Ensure the light is right.
4. Hold the Camera straight and aim the camera towards the stomach.
5. Please e-mail photos and measurements to

*Rest assured, we will not use your picture rather than for purpose of seeing the shape and a posture. Can crop the face if you are more comfortable.
A blank measurement chart will be emailed.
How to take pictures for MTO styles


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